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“They are sensational,” said the head coach. “They’ve created an atmosphere that makes it fun for others to watch, wondering what they’re going to do tonight, wondering what chant they’re going to have; what somebody’s going to look like; what big head they’re going to throw up. They’re more than a sixth man. That group has created a home-court advantage for us. They are invaluable to us.
December 11, 2009 — San Diego UT

"Equally amazing is how much The Show has enhanced Aztecs basketball over the past four or five years. Once a hotbed of apathy, SDSU is now a scene worth making during basketball season. Much of this owes to the elaborate costumes and jumbo-sized head shots of quasi-celebrities on display in the student section, to the general goofiness of its inhabitants and to the prevailing sense that basketball need not be a blood feud to be entertaining."
February 2, 2010 — San Diego UT

"McMehan and his crew, nicknamed The Show, waste no time ripping the Rebels, chanting, “Fiiiiiiiifth place! Fiiiiiifth place!” referring to UNLV's MWC finish."
March 13, 2009 — San Diego UT

"As the shooter takes aim, roughly two dozen giant heads pop up in his sight line and bob like bouys. It's a trend that has caught on recently at other schools -- Kansas and Marquette to name two -- but San Diego is where the idea was hatched."
CSTV Hoops Odyssey

"As former Michigan coach Bill Frieder recently said: "I told Steve, 'I don't think we had a crowd this good at Michigan, did we?'"
College Basketball Nation Blog

"For the players who have been toiling in the mid-major shadows and quietly logging 20-plus victories in each of the past five seasons, the current success is no fairy tale, although top-scorer Leonard said: "I once thought I was imagining things when I looked up in the student section as saw a poster of me, drawn all blue, flying, looking like an avatar."
January 20, 2011 - OC Register

"After the game, Reynolds shook hands with fans in the SDSU student section, known as "The Show." He said it was the first time he'd ever done that. "I told them that the reason they were undefeated was because of them," Reynolds said. "That's a great atmosphere. They're into it. That's what college basketball is supposed to be about. Their kids are into the game and they do it the right way."
January 19, 2011 - AP Report

"And if you want to feel that feeling from your ringing head to your vibrating toes, just swing by the student cheering section at Viejas Arena, where the 10-year-old fan community known as “The Show” is bigger and brassier than ever."
January 21, 2011 - San Diego UT